Sunday, July 31, 2011

Monument Show at Kaviar Gallery

Friday night was the opening for the "Visions of the Hereafter" monument show at Kaviar Gallery on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. Without exception, all 8 artists, that were featured in the show, are some of the regions best sculptors. It is an incredible group of talent to have in one place at the same time.

Meg White created this sculpture entitled "Flight". We are discussing the strong possibility of having this piece cast in bronze soon.

Also by Meg, is a bird-feeding Angel. It is intended for bronze, even though this is a plaster cast of the sculpture.

This sculptural bench by Craig Kaviar is awesome! It's one of my favorite pieces in the show.

I also really love this maquette of St. Francis releasing Doves by David Kocka. I can envision this piece as a life-size monumental work.

This bronze eagle by Matt Weir would look great on the side of a large monument, with the wing spread over the family name.

Raymond Graf made this eccentric bronze urn. It will be perfect for holding the ashes of someone who had a different way of looking at things.

This life-size bronze is by David Lind. I believe that it is a self-portrait from an old photograph.

Guy Tedesco modeled and cast this life-size bust. He was the only one of the group who I had never met in person - but we remedied that Friday night. We liked him and intend to look him up in the not too distant future.

These are my pieces - the only stone works in the show.

The Courier Journal ran this article in the Friday's paper. It's always good to see my name in print.

While running errands before the opening, Meg snapped this image over at the Mellwood Arts Center. It could be an abstract painting - or something in the parking lot (take a guess).

Through the (livestock) Looking Glass. (photo Meg White)

We went to the Meade County Fair last night. (all photos on this post copyright Meg White)

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