Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ridiculously Cold!

... or, at least, that's the way that the Louisville-based WAVE-TV weather team called it. Temperatures have been a lot colder than forecasts called - starting the last 2 days at zero degrees.

Snow Trek, to boldly go..the 1/2 mile back to the studio because the snow is too deep for the car. (photo Meg White)

I worked on clay projects in the warmer clay studio, while Meg toughed out the sub-freezing temperatures in the stone studio, to finish up her Grizzly Bear sculpture. I made this stylized design of the Virgin Mary to be carved from a block of Alabama white marble that measures 40" high by 20" wide by 12" thick.

I also made a design for a limestone block that measures 72" high by 36" wide by 24" thick.

This design is tentatively titled "Against the Wind", and symbolizes the difficulty of succeeding in today's business climate.

A weird design in ice. (photo Meg White)

Some local Buffalo in the snow. (photo Meg White)

...and where there are Buffalos, there are Wolves. An Alpha and Omega face off. (photo Meg White)

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