Sunday, December 19, 2010

lovers and ice

It has remained below freezing for almost the entire week, so I've spent most of my time in the warm clay studio. Monday, I made this small model of 2 lovers.

I began work on a much larger 1/4 scale model, as the first model was on a 1/9 scale. I only had time this week to block in the basic shapes. This clay piece will need LOTS of work before it will become a working model.

It is intended to be carved into this piece of Indiana Limestone. The stone would have to be stood up on its flat end before carving this particular design.

The guys from JBB, inc. fought the freezing temperatures and ice-covered roads to return to the studio and finish installing the plumbing and hooking up a tub / shower. Meg caught on camera the only moment when I was actually helpful.

Tuesday morning, it was 1 degree below zero. So, Meg grabbed the camera and went outside to photograph the big ice crystals that had formed in the extreme cold. I think this looks like a fish (Carp) with ice crystal fins...

Then, we had a good, old-fashioned ice storm. It didn't involve a week of power outages, like last year, but still lots of fun. (photo Meg White)

Ice on Rose Hips. (photo Meg White)

Ice on Wild Grapes. (photo Meg White)
Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Tina said...

I really like your lovers, the one below even more. And the ice fotos are wonderful too. Nature is a great artist sometimes itselve. Thank you for sharing.

RJ said...

Excellent post and pictures as usual. Love the new sculptures you have in the works!

led lights said...

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Aimee said...

Wow Your work is so amazing the lovers are beautiful
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thanks for creating this blog