Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Exodus" Installed

The day finally arrived for the delivery and installation of my functional stone sculpture "Exodus".

John Naville met us out near the freeway and led us back a very long driveway to the home of Owsley and Christy Brown.

Derrick Sheroan of JBB, Inc. followed us in with a 23 ton truck-mounted crane.

We rigged the piece up using a 'basket' hitch.

I'm watching out for some tree limbs that are over the site. When doing a 'lift', you have to watch for overhead obstructions, as well as keeping completely out from under a suspended load.

The next trick involved getting the rigging out from under the 2,000 lb. sculpture. It didn't prove that hard, with John's help.

This is the sculpture in its new home.

I created this Steatite sprout, also in the Brown's collection, back in 1992. I'll be curious to see if they decide to re-install "Exodus" on a similar raised base.

Meg asked me to stop the truck on the way out, so that she could photograph these purple seed tops in a green field. (all photos on this post are by Meg White, except for the next picture).

A recent extracurricular activity of ours was a visit to this cave spring, which is the head of Wolf Creek. Wolf Creek got its name because the Buffalo used to cross the Ohio River where Wolf Creek feeds into it. The wolf packs used to gather there every spring, to prey on the Buffalo calves.

This spring is in a very remote location, and I'd been here before (ages ago, bringing girls to skinnydip). But, I'd never noticed these tiny iron pyrite crystals in the limestone cliff before. Funny how your perspective changes over time.

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