Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lightning on the Line

Last week, we got a 6:05 a.m. wake-up call from a lightning bolt hitting our phone line.

Lightning entered our house through this telephone interface. It took out a telephone, answering machine, 2 wall receptacles and a computer. It's always something.

I finally finished this granite bench, entitled "Felicity". It took a LOT longer (and more diamond blades) than I originally planned. Granite is not a sculptural medium to be taken lightly - it's tough! You can see more pictures and pricing for this piece on http://stonesculpturesforsale.blogspot.com.

I just finished restoring this Daisy birdbath for Edith Bingham. She had commissioned the original piece in April, 1991.

It inspired me to make this "Wild Sunflower" birdbath.

You can see more information about this piece, including pricing, on http://stonesculpturesforsale.blogspot.com.

On Sunday, July 18, Jim and Virginia Harrington celebrated their 50th anniversary in this beautiful lodge at Camp Carlson.

Before we went home, I wanted to see if I could find this cave that I remembered from my Boy Scout days. I was about age 12 when I'd last visited this place.

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