Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beating the Heat

It has become unseasonably hot, with heat indexes over 100 degrees.

I was eager to use the water-cooled polishing tool for shining up portions of the granite bench "Felicity".

After I finished polishing the bottom and the "B" side of the sculpture, I stood it up and moved it onto a work table. I have to polish the "A" side (shown) and portions of the top. That's not OSHA approved footwear for this kind of work. But, I'd let the water spray soak me, as I'd polished the stone. It was a real comfortable way to spend afternoons with temperatures in the mid 90's.

This is what the "B" side looks like. Portions of the side and bottom have been polished to 3000 grit, which has brought out a dark grey-blue color. The leaves have a matte finish of 200 grit, which brings out a light blue-grey color. The chisel texture on the vines is a sparkly peppered white. Meg composed this picture to frame her bear sculpture inside the curve of the bench.

This is the view of that same side, that was posted on the June 6th "Felicity" post.

A week ago Friday, my task was to install the rails leading into the new stone studio. It seemed like that should have been an easy job, but it was a long, hot day's work.

Monday, we had Breck County Ready Mix send over their monorail truck to lift Meg's grizzly bear onto the cart.

Bear on Wheels. Randall, the driver of the monorail truck, was nice enough to help me push the bear inside.

Our neighbor, Steve McMillen, mowed some of our lower field, but left this great patch of Lizardtail. He also left us a big patch of Blackberries.

Kilroy was driving. (all photos on this post by Meg White)

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RJ said...

Great post!

Felicity seems like a fitting name for this piece. I think it looks great.