Sunday, March 7, 2010

Relentless Winter Releases Its Grip

This has been an abnormally tenacious winter. Temperatures finally came up to normal, for the season, and the sun came out.

I power washed both Roanoke benchs, to get them ready for delivery. This is "Caring", with Meg's Sea Lion in the background.

This is "Strength", with Meg's Daphne in the background.

I bought these 8 inch slabs from Victor Oolitic back in January, to make bases for some of my sculptures.

I needed a circular base for a new sculpture.

The new sculpture, finished yesterday, is entitled "Reach" and measures approximately 78" High by 40" in diameter.

The new (and much larger) sculpture was inspired by this fountain bubbler entitled "Uphold".

Mike, from JBB, inc. of Hardinsburg, came over on Thursday to clean out the ditches and improve the road that leads back to the studio.

Meg snapped this shot of the clay that he uncovered in the ditch - complementary colors of yellow and blue (hmmm...).

Meg has an eye for spotting the fantastic in an ordinary situation - condensation inside a 2 liter bottle. (photo Meg White)

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