Sunday, July 5, 2009

a girl and a party

I spent a very productive week removing extra stone from Meg's Reading Girl commission for Charles City, Iowa.

This is the progress at the end of this week. It is interesting to scroll down to last week's post and compare.

A view from the southside.

A picture of her backside.

The high point of the week was the 4th of July party at Steve McMillen's place, across the road from our house. His nephew is in a band called Down N Out, and they played 2 sets for us. I loved their rendition of U2's Vertigo and when they opened their 2nd set with a My Morning Jacket song. They're great musicians, especially considering that they're only 17. Check them out on

Toward dark, the entire neighborhood invaded Bobby Ball's farm in Chenault Bottom.

It is directly across the river from a tiny, remote river town called Derby, Indiana that puts on a large fireworks show every year.

After the fireworks, we all went back to Steve's place. This is a sculptural alternative to a bonfire - art is where you find it.

It's all about Attitude!

...and speaking of Attitude, meet Steve's dog.

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