Sunday, June 21, 2009

...upon a Falling Star

As promised, I will show more pictures of the previous week's installation of my marble sculpture "Falling Star" in front of the Municipal Complex in Sylacauga, Alabama.

This is a good instructional picture, for "how to do it right". I took the advice of City Works Superintendant Tommy Woolley, and tied a safety band of rigging around the lifting rigging. That would keep the piece from flipping out of it's 'basket' hitch, if it were to become unbalanced. (photo courtesy of Comer Library)

The City provided a crew of men to help with the installation. I am drilling a hole in the donated black granite base for the stainless steel pin of the sculpture. (photo courtesy Comer Library)

I use an extra piece of threaded rod and a square to make sure that the hole is straight, so that the sculpture pin will fit down into it.(photo courtesy Comer Library)

Mayor Sam Wright watched me mix the epoxy. He asked, "Is it showtime?". yes, when the epoxy gets mixed, things need to happen soon. (photo courtesy Tommy Francis)

Tommy Woolley guided the sculpture over to the pedestal. (photo courtesy Comer Library)

Tommy and I guide the sculpture pin into the hole. The Mayor and Ted Spears look on as it happens. (photo courtesy Comer Library)

The sculpture is set on boards that were placed between it and the base (this is to facilitate the removal of the rigging that goes under the sculpture). We are re-tying the rigging around the waist of the sculpture to raise it enough to pull the boards out and put in setting cushions and monument putty. (photo courtesy Tommy Francis)

Next, we warmed up handsful of monument putty to make a water-tight seal between the granite base and the sculpture. There are monument 'cushions' under each corner to make sure that the sculpture sits down level. Ted Spears holds the sculpture steady, while Tommy and I apply a finger sized gasket of putty. (photo courtesy Tommy Francis)

The sculpture is then lowered into its final position. (photo courtesy Comer Library)

...and nothing left to do but smile. (photo courtesy Comer Library)

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