Sunday, May 17, 2009

mold, mold, mold

Work continued on molding Meg's Home of the Innocents figures. We wanted to de-mold the first figure, before doing the mold on the second figure. Steve and I are using exacto razor knives to separate the rubber mold on the top piece of the figure. The plaster mother mold for that piece is in the lower left corner of the photo. The rubber mold was removed, and the clay figure re-emerges. We de-molded down to the last sections and duct taped the plaster pieces so that they would not shift. I cut the clay off, so that we could turn this piece upside down. That enables easy access for Meg to finish the clay work on the bottom, which was very difficult to reach otherwise. This is the bottom of the first figure after it has received the rubber coating. The bottom of the baby has been done at this time, too. It is leaning against the wall, in the background upper left. All of the other pieces of the first figure are finished and de-molded. So far, so good.The second figure was cut apart and we put 2 coats of rubber on the main portion. Steve is squeezing out a thick mix of polygel 40 and polyfiber where he plans to place bubble shims. This is the second figure with the first 2 coats of rubber and the bubble shims. This is the second figure after receiving the full coating of rubber. We still have to put the rubber on the butterflies, the blanket and 2 arms. Also, the plaster mother molds for the second figure have to be made. I spent a large portion of this week making 2 big plywood crates for the mold. I also had to chase down a large quantity of foam packing material to cushion the plaster and rubber molds during freighting. Steve and I also spent a lot of time trimming tree branches that were hanging down in our studio road because of ice damage. The branches had to be cleared so that they won't impede the freight truck when they come to pick up the crates.

We're getting close to finishing the mold work for this project of Meg's.

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