Monday, July 7, 2008

Back to Normal (?)

Compared to the previous week, this one was almost normal (whatever that is).

The first half of the week involved final shaping and sanding of the leaves. This is the progress on the front side.

This is the progress on the back side. The tool in the foreground is a die-grinder. It spins small diamond burrs for removal of stone in hard to reach places. I was using it to shape the backs of the leaves.

The next step involved making the edges of the seed shell and then undercutting the edge to create the sense of the interior space in the shell. I use a metal divider to score a line so that the thickness is the same everywhere.

This is the front view to show the undercutting and defining of the shell edges.

This is the other side, showing the edges being defined. The only remaining work for next week is clean-up of the intertwining forms and making a base. The clean-up phase is tedious and fussy, but a necessary part of the craftsmanship. Next week, I should be able to post pictures of the finished stone portion of this sculpture project.

Saturday, Meg and I attended our neighbor's housewarming party. Steve McMillen and Alice Kimble own the 100 acres across the road and they had just built a nice home on a bluff that overlooks the Ohio River. At dark, someone brought out a bunch of glowsticks and the kids covered themselves with them.

Everyone drove down to Chenault Bottoms to watch a huge fireworks show that was sponsored by Derby, Indiana.

Sunday, we went to Otter Creek Park to see the antique tractor show, as I'm a fan of Heavy Metal.

We hiked to the ruins of Overton Mill which operated on Otter Creek between 1808 and 1884.

Our main objective was to get out of the house and have a little fun.

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