Friday, October 15, 2021

"If" - a sculpture inspired by Rudyard Kipling

A huge chunk of time and effort went into a new sculpture that was inspired by the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling.
The sculpture was created specifically in response to the line "If we meet Triumph and Disaster, and we treat the two imposters just the same...."
The sculpture shows the bright sun rising above the rain clouds (symbols for Triumph and Disaster).  The rain drops form a strange symbiosis with the fluted column that is a metaphor for Strength in the knowledge of the truth..
This is a garden-sized prototype for a monumental scale piece that I plan on financing myself - hopefully next year.  The large piece will be approximately 12'H x 4' x 4' when finished - with the quarry block weighing somewhere around 30,000 lbs..  I need to refine some proportions in a scale model this winter to determine the correct dimensions. (There are always things that I might do differently, if given the chance...).
This piece is Indiana Limestone, 39"H x 17" x 13" and weighs approx. 400 lbs.

Below are functional garden sculptures that were created on rainy days when I couldn't work outside on "For Tomorrow".

These are the best images that I have of "Wild Rose Bench" as it sold straight out of the studio.
another view...
a detail...
Indiana Limestone, 63"W x 22"H x 24"D
This birdbath is called "Morning Flight" and it has sold, as well.
Side view...
top view... Indiana Limestone, 21"H x 32"W x 27"D
I created a multi-pieced base for an existing vessel and renamed it to "No Limits".
alternate view...
top view... Indiana Limestone, 32"H x 35"W x 28"D

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

"For Tomorrow" functional sculpture

February, I made this clay model while I was snowed in for about 10 days.
In March, I had a crane move a 3,000 lb. corner out of the weeds.
We stood the piece upright onto a side that was flat.  It was placed at the west side of the studio that remains in the shade until 1 p.m.
There was a "Quarry Dog Hole" in the top corner.  But, the design was made to take this into account.
I cut off some of the waste and drew the design onto the stone with timber crayons.
Here is the finished piece.  It is Indiana Limestone, measures 47"H x 56" x 33" and weighs about 1,800 lbs.
Moving around the piece...
This functional sculpture (garden seat) is symbolic for the efforts of Today becoming the harvest of Tomorrow.  The good things in life don't always give instant gratification.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

"Go With The Flow" functional sculpture

All of my artistic efforts for the months of June and July were focused entirely on the functional sculpture "Go with the Flow".
It started with a 4,000 lb piece of scrap from another functional sculpture called "One Way or Another".
Here, I've almost finished cutting the serpentine top and have started on one end.
At this point, the top is finished and both ends are almost carved.  You can see the design on the side.
Then began the long and arduous task of carving the 2 long sides.
Here's a finished view.
...and walking around the piece...
It is Indiana Limestone, and measures approx. 5' long by 2' high x 2' deep.
This sculpture is actually a test piece for proposing an installation of several of these type of elements throughout a public space.  Each element would be different but would lead one piece to another and to another etc.

I don't know if this will actually ever happen - these are crazy times.... 

JULY 2021

July was fairly uneventful - mostly keeping to myself and getting things done around the house or studio (without spending any money...)
On July 22, Meg used her crane truck to deliver a large stone floral Bird bath to Tom Henrion who lives outside Lagrange, KY.
Here's the piece after it was installed.
Tom has an eclectic collection of outdoor sculptures.  I loved this piece.
Next to it was this strange imported tree that made this secret getaway place.
Tom (on the left) took us around to see the other outdoor pieces and then to the restored log cabin in the back of his property.
Meg disappeared for a while.  She had gone under the back porch and discovered this colony of Ant Lions.  Reminds me of when I was a kid on the family farm; we'd find them in the Tobacco barn.

JUNE 2021

June was productive but fairly low key - as I stayed behind my locked gate and carved stone most of the time.
On June 10, I made the trip to Champaign, IL to deliver this functional sculpture that was permanently acquired by the Parks Dept. I also picked up 2 sculptures that were on a 2 year lease and now due to come back home.  It was basically a reverse of the installation as shown in this blog post

On June 11, Dereck Sheroan of JBB, Inc. brought the crane out to my studio to unload the 2 leased pieces.  This is "Stepping Out"....
... and this is "Daydreamer Bench".
Another view of that piece.
This skink hung out for the whole crane lift - curious, I guess.
I had a chance to spend a little time with one of the people involved in the Public Art League while I was up in Illinois.  His name is Eric Robeson, but he goes by Jet Sterling with an hour-long program on the local university radio station.  He sent this CD and a sticker.
Here's the playlist on the back side.  I sent him Disorganized Fun by Ronald Jenkees who is a musician local to my area.
On June 15, I turned 60.  Normally, I'd make this a big deal and would be off on a grand adventure.  However, I played it cool and stayed home.  Meg bought a cake, 2 lbs. of shrimp and this package of raw oysters from our local Krogers.
What are the odds of finding not one, but THREE pearls - on my birthday, no less!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

"Darkest Before the Dawn" monumental-scale functional sculpture

Most of my effort this spring has been on a large outdoor project.
It started last summer when I bought this big block for my birthday.
Here it is being unloaded at the studio.  It measured 8' x 2-1/2' x 2' and weighed approx. 6,000 lbs.
I started carving the piece last fall before it got too cold.  I laid out the design and began to cut the outline.
I ground and drilled the bottom while it was on its side.
Mid-March, we had a crane turn it upright..  I preformed all the major forms first.  Here, I've drawn the dark cloud currents with a timber crayon.  
It took a LOT more work to actually carve those cloud currents than I had originally estimated.  Next, I made refinements in the top bird wing form and began designing the "fog" underneath. 
I finished this piece on the last day of May.  It represents the bright Sun breaking through the dark clouds.  The bird wing shaped top symbolizes the Human Spirit lifting above the fog and confusion.
This is the view of the back side.  I hope that I can move this piece away from the crowded stone yard next week while I have a crane here.  This is a good piece and deserves better images of the finished work