Monday, August 8, 2022

2 Months, 2 Benches, 2 Sculptures

During June and July, I stayed home and worked - and this is what I have to show for the effort:
This is "Cloud 12" and it measures 60"W x 20"H x. 18"D
It is Indiana limestone with polished top and outer portions of the legs that contrasts with the stippled "bush" texture of the lower and inner forms.
This bench is called "growing together" and is also Indiana Limestone measuring 60"W x 20"H x 18"D
There is also the interplay of polished and stippled sections.
It's hard to get a picture that shows the true nature of the piece - it is much better in person.
Here's an end view.
This sculpture is called "Quill" and is about the power of words; both written and spoken.
It is Indiana Limestone measuring 52"H x 17" x 15".  It has sale pending.
"Hand Flower", Indiana Limestone, 18" x 12" x 4"

 It has sold and found a new home in Indianapolis

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

One Way or Another

I finally finished a monumental functional sculpture titled "One Way or Another". It took over 2 years from start to finish.
I bought a 10,000 lb. block of stone for my 59th birthday and had it delivered to my studio and unloaded.

I made a clay scale model to work out the major shapes.  The concept is about the power to overcome adversity.  Nothing can keep you down forever - Life will find a way.

The design was laid out onto the block using timber crayon.
I also laid out the bottom at this time.

While the piece was on its side, I shaped the bottom and put in holes for mounting pins.  I also began to rough in the forms.  I used a hydraulic chainsaw to cut out the large block from the top as well as 2 large corners.  This is how the piece looked by the end of 2020.

During the following year, the 3,000 lb. piece of scrap became this functional sculpture called "Go With the Flow.

In the spring of 2021, I stood the piece upright while I had the crane at the studio lifting other things.

The other side was completely unconsidered.

I returned to the project in 2022 and worked on it whenever the weather permitted.  This is the finished back view.

...and this is the final front view.  It is 8' wide by 4' high by 2'thick and weighs somewhere around 4,000 lbs.  I haven't added up all of the hours that I have in it yet.  There's quite a bit of labor in this piece.  I'm happy with the results.


Saturday, May 7, 2022

APRIL 2022

Happy Kentucky Derby Day!!!
My main activity for April was a commission for a couple who lived in Indianapolis.  This is "Memory Blossom" and is carved from a 300 lb. block of Indiana Limestone.

This is the back view of the piece.  It measures 24"W x 19"H x 10"D and has a final weight of 130 lbs.

I also found time to create this bench in Indiana Limestone called "Twin Geysers".  It measurtes 52"W x 19"H x 16"D.  I have sold and delivered this piece along with the bench that I made last month of 2 mushrooms.

Speaking of sales... I sold this large sculpture "Harmony" to the City of Indianapolis, IN

Here's the back view.  It had been on lease to White River State Park for about 5 years before they acquired it.  
Indiana Limestone, 8'H x 4'W x 2'D

I also sold this large sculpture to the City of Lexington, KY.  
"River of Music" Bench, Indiana Limestone 9'W x 4'H x 2'D

It had been on an 18 month lease before they acquired the piece.

One day, we took off work and went for a walk-about in Yellowbank Wildlife Area to Big Cave Hollow.  We need to get out more often...

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bernheim and Maker's Mark

Monday, April 11, was Meg White's birthday and we decided to take a small road trip to Bernheim Forest.  It was a raining - one of those lost, dark misty days, but with bright new spring colors starting to show.  We practically had the place to ourselves on a rainy Monday.
Meg wanted to get pictures of her piece that is located out there- and see how it looked in the rain.
I took the opportunity to check up on my own piece that is in the Edible Garden.
Many years ago, we'd come to Bernheim on another rainy birthday of Meg's, when Matt Weir was installing his "Earth Measure".  This year, we decided to also go see Matt's new piece at Maker's Mark Distillery near Loretto, KY.  
I could pick out Matt's sculpture from the road over a 1/4 mile away.  Whisky Creek is line-of-sight right to the piece.
It's a huge installation that cannot be appreciated in pictures.  It's got a sense of scale that has to be seen in person.
This is the back side.  Matt pieced large blocks of Indiana Limestone together and made clean geometric shapes emerging from a layered matrix - top notch craftsmanship as usual.
The seams on the copper piece didn't photograph well, but they're awesome.  The back side of the silver piece has a mirror finish - you can see yourself.
Here's the signage.
Matt used hand cut lettering to sign and date the piece - a real tight job.
Here's a detail of a Bryozoa and a Gastropod that he highlighted. 
...another nice detail.
The solar powered car that the distillery uses caught my eye on the way out.  Speaking of solar, I wonder if the buildings have been painted all black for some reason beside looks?  Maker's Mark distillery is nestled down in a small valley and the grounds are neat as a pin.  It is a great day trip that I totally recommend.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

3 Floral Birdbaths & a Mushroom Bench

Every winter, work slows down because of bad weather.  However, I always find some pretty days to get a few pieces done.  As I worked on a large gateway project, I snuck in time to create 4 functional garden pieces.
"Wild Rose" bird bath, Indiana Limestone, 34"H x 22" x 16"
....walking around the piece...
...and around...
...side view.
"Grasp Blossom", Indiana Limestone, 33"H x 19" x 15"

"Quadrillium" bird bath, Indiana Limestone, 37"H x 32" x 18"

"Mushrooms" bench, Indiana Limestone, 20"H x 61" x 17"